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What we do

What do we do?

  • We will be offering FREE spay and neuter clinics – October 4, 2018 (10 cat slots available) October 25, 2018 (10 cat slots available) Contact us to get a slot!

  • Medical fund to help in emergencies

  • Free pet food pantries – Pantries are open in Pittsburg, Columbia, Groveton, & Berlin. Call our 833-PETLINE (833-738-5463)

  • Education on animal care and abuse – We will be holding seminars on animal CPR and emergency medical treatment as well as seminars on animal welfare and what is cruelty?

  • Investigate - We will look into problem situations and work out the best solution for all involved. Our main goal is to always keep the animal with it's owner.

Call our 833-PETLINE (833-738-5463)

Success Stories - Here is a few of the many

Donkeys from North Stratford in a happy happy home!!!

Pet Food Drive at Tractor Supply was a Success!!!


Paint & Sip on 9/30 at the Spa Restaurant & Outback Pub

Sweetie is doing great!!
Check out the comparison photos.

Amazing job!!


This is Charlotte our resident piggy who we bottlefed as a baby and did physical therapy on her little leg until she was well enough to move out into the barn with the horses. Charlotte does a few tricks and is loved by all. She has been a fixture here since 2006.
Learn about Taffy

Taffy was rescued in December of 2017. She is a 20 year old Palomino Quarter Horse
click the photo on the left to read her story.
3 years ago we found out about a horse that the owners were having trouble feeding, we went by and gave them resources to help them and found the horse trapped in her stall, living in years’ worth of poop, the poop was so high the stall door was frozen shut and they could not get her out of it, she was covered in poop. We tried to get the SPCA up here but no one came we tried to help educate them on what they were doing wrong, but they wouldn’t listen.  In 3 yrs. no one did anything, we begged and pleaded for someone to help her but the help never came, untill last night when we got a report she was in trouble so after trying to reach the authorities, we informed our police chief what we were doing and he supported our efforts and we went in and got the owners to surrender the horse.
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