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We are a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded by group of people living in northern NH. We have been tirelessly working to help owners with their animals and rescuing animals in need. There are no resources in this area to help these animals except us. This small group of people up here are sick of sitting by and watching these animals fall into the cracks. We are here to help them in anyway needed. Please help us help them!!

Our main goal will be to have a shelter, a safe haven for people to surrender their animals, a place for spay neuter clinics, pet food pantry, and a place for stray animals to stay in until their owners can be found.

We are in need of funds for equipment, food, medical care and to eventually get our own little sanctuary. We need to raise money for a medical fund, so we can provide medical attention to the animals we rescue, some are sick, some are injured, some just need to be brought up to date on vaccines and to be fixed, our horses will need vet, dental, and farrier care. We need fencing both for domestic animals and fencing for our farm animals, dog kennels, dog beds, blankets, towels, cat litter boxes, cat food and litter. Farm animal supplies, Hay, feed, horse blankets, water buckets etc. We need a Gas fund to use to get to the places we need to be. Right now, every penny spent comes out of our own pockets. We are all Volunteer’s and not a single person involved gets a paycheck. 100% of mony raised goes to the animals.

We are pushing hard fundraising for our new shelter.
The north country is in dire need of this shelter.
Any and all help is appreciated by us and all the animals we are helping.

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